Saturday, 7 December 2013

Walking with children

As I've just had a baby, well my wife did, my thoughts have turned to the practicality of walking with children (more specifically babies) pretty swiftly.

Seemingly they can only be carried in a baby carrier when they are around six months old or when they can hold their head up so we've got a few months to wait yet.

I reckon the key to this is comfort, obviously, as there is going to wind up with a fair amount of weight in there and for me to trudge any distance it's got to be a decent fit.

My brother bought one recently and was going to hit the hiking trail with the children for exercise but it didn't really happen. So he is kindly going to lend me his, although I'm not sure exactly what it is yet. It doesn't matter what it is I suppose so long as it's comfy for me and the baby. Then some flat walking, probably continuing along the Leeds Country Way as it's conveniently so close to home. Can't wait to get back outside.
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