Monday, 28 February 2011

Trails for the Nation!

I walked a minor section of Offa's Dyke Path at the weekend (sadly I've got no photos and as a result haven't documented it as for the main part the visibility was pretty much zero) which was partly by accident on another walk we were doing and it was incredible. I was intrigued so though some digging to get the lowdown on how far Offa's Dyke Path is and how long it would take to trek it in one go would be a top plan with the potential for a trek in the future.

When I stumbled across this nugget of joy - seemingly we have the joy of 15 National Trails across the UK, most of which I already knew about but nice to have a resource with them all in one place with maps and suggested routes broken down into days. Certainly simplifies the planning for the future.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's back!

Well I received my Lightline Down Jacket back today, not from Mountain Equipment (they were as much use as a chocolate parasol) but from Tundra Repairs. I actually emailed them yesterday to enquire as to the progress of the repair as they initially advised me it would take around 2 weeks and that was on the 27th January. I got an email straight back sincerely apologising for the delay - which had been caused due to a backlog of equipment and clothing repairs but it would be back with me shortly.

I then got a random text later on yesterday saying that my package would be with me on Tuesday. I didn't put two and two together with this, well I tried to but I didn't come up with an answer. Anyhow it turned up today and they have done a great job! They have patched it from the inside and you can barely tell it was ever torn - I tried taking a photo to fire up on here but sadly it didn't come out, I will try to get one up at some point. So £23.50 well spent! Many thanks to Tundra Repairs - the job was tip top and customer services second to none, how refreshing after the start I had with Mountain Equipment.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

No matter which way the wind blows!

So long as it blows - for wind power anyway! With the ever increasing number of wind turbines which are being erected in the areas of natural beauty in our countryside which we're stumbling across more and more often when out walking I thought I'd post this link ( It breaks down the current proportion of power generation from different methods and with all the wind farms that have been erected over the years they are still only contributing 2.5% ish to the total power generation in the country. This puts the governments drive for green energy into perspective. Is it really worth losing our countryside for this paltry contribution? Whilst it appears that we're going green as a nation with these things appearing everywhere sadly I feel it's more a token gesture to make people believe the powers that be are really making a difference.
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