Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's back!

Well I received my Lightline Down Jacket back today, not from Mountain Equipment (they were as much use as a chocolate parasol) but from Tundra Repairs. I actually emailed them yesterday to enquire as to the progress of the repair as they initially advised me it would take around 2 weeks and that was on the 27th January. I got an email straight back sincerely apologising for the delay - which had been caused due to a backlog of equipment and clothing repairs but it would be back with me shortly.

I then got a random text later on yesterday saying that my package would be with me on Tuesday. I didn't put two and two together with this, well I tried to but I didn't come up with an answer. Anyhow it turned up today and they have done a great job! They have patched it from the inside and you can barely tell it was ever torn - I tried taking a photo to fire up on here but sadly it didn't come out, I will try to get one up at some point. So £23.50 well spent! Many thanks to Tundra Repairs - the job was tip top and customer services second to none, how refreshing after the start I had with Mountain Equipment.


The Odyssee said...

A company worthy of noting. Cheers.

Tilly said...

These companies charge such high prices for their equipment you would think they would at least give something back in the way of customer service. It seems the bigger they get the less they want to know you. Alas I can only dream of your problems as I have to make do with less expensive equipment. I keep meaning to do some posts on what I use but I fear I might cause you all to fall down laughing!

The Weekend Dude said...

Pleasure Alan, always good to share the wealth.

Tilly - whatever you use and is good for you is good, it's interesting to read what everyone uses and there is absolutely no point in spending unnecessarily. You may find that you'll give folks ideas that they hadn't previously thought of.

afootinthehills said...

Pity you had such a bad experience with ME - otherwise an excellent company. You'd think they'd realise that these days, bad service is quickly followed by bad publicity on various outdoor blogs!

Glad to hear the jacket's now good as new. A company worth knowing about.

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