Monday, 29 July 2013

Sombrero for sun - and for wind

I did the Trailtrekker recently and part of the essential kit was a wide brimmed sun hat. So i went browsing on t'interweb. Most of these are called sombreros - similar to those decorative monstrosities that the Mexicans wear. The idea obviously is to keep the sun off your face and off your neck, perfect.

I bought one without a rope or string or whatever it's called that goes under your chin to keep it on your head. S the slightest breeze and it was attempting to head off my head and into oblivion. Now this may be ok if you're heading to the park or somewhere with no wind but I don't recall going anywhere in the hills and there be no wind so in hindsight it was a rubbish purchase, never again always buy a sombrero with a chin rope or similar.

Monday, 8 July 2013

B is for boots and for blisters

I've been on a quest to prevent blisters of late in he run up to the Oxfam Trailtrekker which was a couple of weeks ago. Well on that note I had a flash of inspiration recently following the gradual destruction of my feet over he course of the 28 hours of the Trailtrekker.

So blisters are caused by compression (constant pressure) and/or friction. The friction is exacerbated by moisture which is created through heat and sweating (or standing in a puddle, but lets assume for this argument that we haven stepped in a puddle). The only way for heat to get away or out of your shoe/boot is out of the gaping hole that your foot or ankle goes in. I don't think anyone has ever given this a name although its the equivalent of a neck in your jumper.

I would assume (although its never good to assume) that heat would dissipate far slower are far less efficiently from boots then it would from trainers so I can only assume (it's dangerous to assume) that over long distances boots could be more liable to give you blisters. I would dearly love to hear peoples views whether in agreement or disagreement with this theory. Another two guys in my team on the Trailtrekker (I can't include the third guy as he was only recruited he day before the event and so hadn't trained and conditioned his feet), both wore trainers/shoes and neither had a single blister where my feet were a disgrace. I did prevent chafing though although I'll post about this at a later stage.
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