Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Highlands: Devil's Point, Cairn Toul and Angel's Peak - Day 3

Corrour BothyWe all woke up to a fairly chilly morning and with thick heads got breakfast on the go. We tidied up and packed up to get going, we were on our way home now and without needing to rush we did want to get back for a pint.

We left the Bothy and decided walk a hhiking trail on the way out in an attempt to avoid walking through the boggy mess that we came through 2 days earlier.

Once over the bridge the path forks (986955) pretty much immediately and we took the left fork where the hiking trail heads around the base of Carn a' Mhaim and towards Glen Luibeg. We'd looked on the map and this was a different route back which had two benefits. Firstly we didn't have to retrace our steps and secondly we could avoid the bog we'd trudged through on the way in which was a bonus.

River Dee Ford - Highlands WalkBefore long we arrived at Luibeg Burn which is a picturesque stream. On the map there is a ford marked. This really didn't exist however and as some of the group were in the mood for leaving the hiking trail and entertaining some wild walking so we followed the stream looking for a place to cross whilst the other guys walked upstream to cross on the Luibeg Bridge. I've got to be honest we chose the wrong option. We fought through heather for a few hundred yards when we came across a deer fence. The options were limited, either we cross the burn here or we backtrack all the way back to the bridge. I think it was the fact that we couldn't have the other guys see we'd conceded that made us cross. The odds weren't great and only seconds later Wellsy was in up to his knees. Harsh but ultimately fair.

The old feet were feeling a touch tenderised now and I was requiring refreshment in the way of the fizzy yellow fluid. We pushed on and had a spot of lunch just over the river from Derry Lodge, which is now all boarded up although at one time would have been a fairly impressive abode. That was the last stop before our final push back to the Linn and Dee and the cars back to the Hotel. A very rewarding few days walking in the mountains. Thanks to all that took part, it was an absolute pleasure. See you next year!
Crossing the river - Highlands Walk


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