Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Scrubbing Skiddaw

As the first leg of our Lakeland 3000's yomp training we were due to head up the hiking trail to the summit of Skiddaw on Sunday as training and route familiarisation. Not to happen - the fiercest winter for 30 years has struck again surprise surprise. With the tragic hospitalisation of the 2 guys on Monday on a hiking trail near Patterdale in the Lake District as a result of the avalanche, widespread weather warnings are rightly now in place across the region. May we wish the 2 guys a full and speedy recovery at this point. As a result it just isn't even worth considering until the warnings have been lifted and conditions have improved. Always better safe than sorry in this event.

We'll have to schedule another date to scale Skiddaw to aufait ourselves with the route in advance of the Lakeland 3000's walk. As easy as the Skiddaw route is due to be we'll all feel more comfortable knowing it off the back of our hands rather then pick our way through it on the actual day in the dark, risking the time loss. For Sunday we may well look towards some lower level hiknig trail instead to get the legs moving which may well be done over the Pennines, Dales or Peak District save the long drive north. Saturday may be an option too just so long as I'm well parked on the sofa, Guinness in palm at 4 o'clock awaiting the Twickenham Kick Off - come on England!


afootinthehills said...

Exceptionally high avalanche risk up here in Scotland also, with a couple of climbers on Curved Ridge on the Buachaille swept away by a small slab avalanche yesterday.

The Weekend Dude said...

I saw that on the news this morning, sad news. I was due to be up in the Highlands for meetings today, we left home and got 250 miles up the road to find the A9 closed at Drumochter. Kingussie in the Highlands had a foot last night and it's still going expecting the same tonight never mind what they've had today. The majority of the North of England seems to be ok although the Lakes always cops the brunt of it. Think we'll be avoiding that this weekend.

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