Monday, 10 May 2010

The National 3 Peaks are a knocking on my foot

As I previously posted we are attempting the National 3 Peaks this weekend and my heel is currently looking redder than raw following my accident a week last Saturday where I had part of my heel sliced off by a random surfer's fin down under. I am now continually coating it in betadine, aside a days savlon on Saturday, in the hope that miracles happen, healing said wound enabling me to at least put some thing other than flip flops on (which I have been in for the last 3 weeks now and counting - they sure do look odd with a shirt and tie). I can now hear the clock loudly ticking in my lugs without any sympathy for my plates of meat.

The only other alternative is to somehow dress it on the day with micropore or blister plasters or some other fine innovation to stop it from rubbing or giving me grief sufficiently long enough for me to go from the sea near Fort William up and over them there National 3 Peaks and to the finish line in the sea somewhere in North Wales.

In the meantime I am googling like the fury in the hunt of a miracle cure, thus far none have been found in any of the following; salt water, paw paw cream, savlon, betadine, detol.

The search continues............


Dan and Meena said...

Dude, what a great challenge. I came near Scarfell during my C2C but didn't go up. Hope you heal fast - if not, I'm sure you'll suck it up and go anyway!

The Weekend Dude said...

Thanks Dan, 2 days to go and counting. Still looking a touch sour so have given up looking for something to help it along it's way on a healing front and have got bags of bandages and dressings instead. Gonna be a teeth gritter but should prove to be a great day. Fingers crossed for blue skies.

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