Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jacket is in the remaking!

Having sent my Mountain Equipment Lightline to Tundra Repairs, it arrived on Monday (according to Royal Mail, and their special delivery isn't that special as it was typically a day late) and having had no response from them I decided to drop them a line.

The pleasant lady who answered the phone knew who I was and was pretty adament that an email had been sent to me advising me of the price and necessaries - which I hadn't seen. Upon flicking through my digital postbox I found that indeed they'd sent me an email on the arvo of same day as it'd arrived - very efficient and indeed my bad. The cost of the repair was £23.50 including return postage - which by my reckoning is a bargain.

I have thus flung cash in their direction digitally and seemingly have around a 14 day waiting period! So far a great service though - I await with baited breath for the repaired product.


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