Sunday, 16 January 2011

There's a hole in my jacket dear Mountain Equipment

But that seemed to fall on deaf ears sadly.

Mountain Equipment LightlineI recently snagged my Mountain Equipment Lightline duvet jacket and heard that blood curdling rip as the shell of my jacket tore leaving a whole sufficient to allow the safe passage of the down contained within into the wide open world, which is a nightmare. Fair play it's been pretty sturdy but as with any garment - they aren't bombproof. On mentioning this to my brother he advised me that you can actually get them repaired rather than gaffa tape them up leaving them resembling something that Joseph would look at home in. So on that note I contacted Mountain Equipment as my first port of call to ask if they could repair it. To which, dissapointingly, I got no response. On looking further however I found that Mountain Equipment themselves don't repair their own clothing but recommended a company that specialises in the repair of outdoor clothing - which could turn out to be quite a find. They're called Tundra Repairs and repair pretty much every item of clothing you can imagine it appears. I have therefore contacted them for a quote to get the jacket repaired. They came back to me within hours and requested I forward it on to them in order that they can have a look at the extent of the damage and provide a quote, so far so good. The jacket is thus winging it's way to them in the incapable hands of Royal Mail. I've got crossed fingers for this now I thought this one was a write off and the selotape just wasn't cutting the mustard. Time will tell the cost for the job and the quality of the finished thing!


afootinthehills said...

Hope the jacket gets well soon! Good to see you back on your blog.

The Weekend Dude said...

Me too, I'm pretty confident they will do a great job. Thanks too Gibson, I've been a touch on the busy side and time has been a bit of a rare commodity these last few months. Time to get back out in the hills, oh joy.

The Odyssee said...

Thats good to know so thanks for passing it on. I’m sure that they will do a good job. Not sure about Royal Mail though, they seem to be loosing it.
What would i have done in the same circumstances? Possibly contacted PHD.
I don’t understand why companies like ME don’t respond to cries for help, it really P’s me off. But you know what to do next time. Don’t buy Mountain Equipment.
Good to read you again too.

The Weekend Dude said...

Thanks Alan. I checked out PHD following their post, I'd not heard of them before but will for sure consider them in future. As you say - I reckon it's a bit counter productive companies not responding to emails etc. as I'm now so unlikely to buy another ME product knowing that the after sales is so poor - their loss! Thanks too, I had a busy end of last year but it's good to be back.

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