Monday, 1 March 2010

Record Snow

We were due to walk Skiddaw yesterday but due to the excessive snow and the necessity of winter equipment (ice axes and crampons) we decided to give it a wide berth and headed for the less snowy (but still very white) Dales instead which I will go into later.

It was interesting to note however that on Thursday (the day when the Highlands ground to a halt), Glencoe received a staggering 31 inches of snow throughout the day which turned out to be the most snowfall that day for any ski resort in the world. Bearing in mind that America, Canada, Europe are all in the midst of their ski season this is pretty impressive. The rest of the Scottish resorts followed closely behind all with a crazy amount of snow. As a result skiing across all the Scottish resorts as a result is due to be awesome!

Great if you can get up there to carve it up!


afootinthehills said...

We still can't get parked in lay-bys five miles from here and had to go elsewhere to day where we could. The hill still had thigh deep snow in places though. Access roads in the Highlands will be dire!

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