Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Walkmeter IPhone App

This is an awesome app from someone (not really bothered who), who has engineered this beauty. When you start the walk turn the app on and it tracks your route for you with miles and ascent etc. along with speed etc. Then at the end of the yomp you simply import it into you Google Maps. In fairness it was brother Drew who has mastered this so no doubt it will be a touch more difficile for the like of me, still how hard can it be. An example of the map can be found on my previous post. Fair play the capability of this has already been discovered with the likes of Satmap and other handheld devices but none of those make it so easy to actually publish your map as this nifty gadget. It is worth noting before you ask, there are no mile markers on the second half of the walk here - this is because he lost the signal when he went into the bothy for lunch and didn't get it back until we'd pretty much finished the walk. Pretty annoying but some of these things do take a bit of trial and error to get to grips with. I reckon this is quality though and saves those hours plotting your souvenir routes once you've done them!


The Odyssee said...

For the sum of £2.99 you can't go wrong. (unless you lose the signal of course).
Thanks for sharing the info.

The Weekend Dude said...

No problem, I'll give it a test run in as remote an area as I can find (to test the signal and reception) and will let you know the results. I've got my fingers crossed with this one - will save me a heap of time.

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