Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring has surely sprung

I failed to get out for a meander last weekend as I'd hoped for one reason or another - namely a birthday bash on Friday night which rolled on a bit late reducing me to a bit of lazy oaf for the weekend (I suppose the required DIY didn't help either). I was up in the Highlands however for what was a spectacular couple of days this week. Although I was working I did manage to slide out for a while to get some snaps of that neck of the woods in it's full blue sky glory - the weather was absolutely phenominal. Here's a photo of the Cairngorm Mountain Ski Area over Loch Morlich (the snow up there was ridiculous - I had a chat with one of the attendants up there and they reckon they will still be skiing in May!).

Cairngorm Mountain Ski across Loch Morlich


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