Saturday, 3 April 2010

Aha - Satmap issues finally fully resolved

I have finally got to the bottom of the "North up" issue. I followed the concise instrucions on the Satmap website (which were very easy to follow and carry out) in order to update and upload the software to the current version available.
Once I did this I reset all the settings to the optimum settings I had already confirmed with Satmap. I then went back onto the map on the unit and tried to reset the map so that the "Direction of travel up" was set. A new screen that I had never seen before appeared stating "Trail up not available in advanced power settings (update position every 4 seconds instead of every second)".
So that answers it. It was never available seemingly in the advanced power settings and you can only have that feature active if the unit updates every second. So please all Satmap users consider that in future, it's not a glitch with the Active 10, it just doesn't allow it. No great shakes however as long as you're aware of it you can work round it, not a biggy.
Gotta be honest - I am now a delighted Satmap user. Following my review where there was a negative (and a very frustrating one at that) of total lack of customer services is now been eradicated, in fact turned on it's head. Redeemed I will duly alter this to a positive.


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