Monday, 12 April 2010

So Soft Midge Repellent

Now that we're coming into spring my thoughts are firmly fixed on warmer climes, less rain (or snow), longer days and woohoo - midges! I recall summers in the Scottish Highlands and the Cairngorms when we used to get chewed by them there blasted midges leaving you peppered with purple dots looking like a sufferer of the plague. For some reason they are immune to any kind of deet or over the counter insect repellent treating it as more as a flavour enhancer.

That was until we got yakking on the the Monarch of the Glen crew who were filming up there at the time. Their secret was none other than Avon Skin So Soft. When you discover this you'll start to notice the independant shops stocking it like the fury! So what is the secret? God only knows but lather this on and you won't know those misdges are there, the only midgie repellant out there that really works alas! Oh joy!


Leigh said...

I swear by this stuff!
Cheap and readily available - makes me smell like a boudoir, but I guess that's why the midges don't like it...

afootinthehills said...

It seems to work for some, but unfortunately not for me. Supposedly it's the fact that the midges can't bite through the oily layer, rather than any inherent chemical property. Glad it gives you relief, however it works!

The Solitary Walker said...

Yes, I use it too. (It's a nice, fragrant smell - 'like a boudoir' may be exaggerating a bit!)

The Weekend Dude said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Apologies for the slow response at my end, I've been away on holiday for the last two and a bit weeks, which was all very pleasant.

Interesting to read the science behind why it works, I actually thought it was due to it being a deterrent due to some chemical ingredient but seemingly not. Whichever way though I am keen to put up with the pong to avoid the incessant biting that you get when out in the wild up there.

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