Friday, 11 June 2010

Long walks - something to get your teeth into.

Following my jaunt on the national 3 peaks and my preparation for the Lakeland 3000's (which sadly I haven't managed to embark upon yet due to my pesky foot) I thought I'd have a scout around the Internet to find out what challenges I could set myself - cos we all like a challenge don't we!

I was humbled upon my first click through google where Stuart Ashley and Susan Cullimore-Pike walked the "Heart of Scotland" walk (read the full article here). This beast is 104 miles long! That is a monster of a walk, which I will hasten to add they completed in one sitting in an amazing time of 38 hours and 41 minutes. This kind of puts into perspective what some folks are capable of. At the same time The TGO challenge is a huge undertaking too at around 200 miles and I'll take this opportunity to congratulate those who completed it recently. These are challenges that really take grit and determination and leave you with an enormous sense of well being.

This brought me to the awesome website of The Long Distance Walkers Association which has loads of long distance walks all over the country and is exceptionally well put together. This has really wet the appetite and has instantly given me a list of walks I'm keen as the proverbial mustard to have a shot at. I think I'll be starting with the shorter ones mind and build up to the 100 mile plus blister fests.


afootinthehills said...

We have been unable to do any long trips this year so are busy planning for 2011! Question is whether to walk from home to the west coast (about 8 days) and then cross to the east taking a high route (weather permitting) or walk from home on a high/mixed level route to, say, Cape Wrath. The planning is always fun and as you say 'something to get your teeth into'. To blog on the go, or not, is another question yet to be answered.

Look forward to reading about your own plans.

The Weekend Dude said...

Sounds like you've already got your plans laid out in your head! Decisions decisions.....

Whatever you decide though it will no doubt be a great trip, always a pleasure to get out for a few days no matter where it is really.

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