Wednesday, 2 June 2010

There's always a spanner in the works

On this occasion I am the spanner, but I'm not alone there is another dude joining me in the spanner stakes. The forecasted attempt for the Lakeland 3000's this coming weekend has sadly had to be temporarily shelved. My foot that was injured at the start of May and that I endured the National 3 Peaks with is still nowhere near better. I can't risk doing this walk in trainers and I still can't get my boots on so for me annoyingly it's a no no. One of the other guys had a nasty dose of toncilitis too and lost a stone and a half as a result leaving him not ready. Bad bad bad. Another date has not yet been finalised but with loads of us to consider it's never easy to find one that suits everyone. Very dissapointing but fingers crossed we get another date to aim for in the diary.


Martin Rye said...

Hope you get a crack at them again and heal fast.

The Weekend Dude said...

Many thanks Martin, yeah it's a bit frustrating but they're not going anywhere so will rest up and fingers crossed have a shot at it later in the summer whilst we've still got plenty of daylight.

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