Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lumpy feet!

I'm still in my flip flops now with the foot injury I picked up surfing on the last surf of my trip down under some five weeks back. Getting a bit frustrated of not being able to get my feet into shoes I was having a closer look last night to see how the heal healing was getting on and in fairness it seems to be getting to the point where it might have turned the corner. Delighted as Glastonbury Festival will not be good if my foot ain't shoe worthy by then. Relying on flip flops for that bash is reckless at best, especially considering the track record weather wise - I might as well be barefoot when the mud's up to your armpits.

But on closer inspection not so delighted, I came across a lump on the outside of the foot which I must have picked up at the same time as I sliced my heel off, so I went to the doctors today where he pressed and prodded and twisted and pulled (my foot). It is fairly sore however the doc seemed to think that it was nothing suspicious and should it grow then I go back, fingers crossed it will as I can only see this prolonging the visit back out into the wilderness further. The saga continues........


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