Sunday, 15 August 2010

Smidge - A midge repellent that really works!

I've been north of the border, in the Highlands, for the last week or so with work. I have managed to get out on a couple of meanders through the hills in that time which has been thoroughly enjoyable as life hasn't afforded me the opportunity of late due to other commitments.

This post however is not related to walking per say more to the midges that over populate this locality. I did write a post not so long since about Avon Skin So Soft being a great Midge Repellent, it did transpire however that Avon Skin So Soft isn't actually a repellent, it just serves as a barrier not allowing the midges to penetrate it and bite you as a result. A discussion did ensue about there being no other repellent on the market that deters midges effectively. Until now! A recipe has been developed which is called Smidge. This has been developed particularly with Scottish Midges in mind.

Smidge Midge Repellent

Being that I've been working up here for a while I took the opportunity to give is a test run and the results, I have to say, were remarkable. I was out doing what I was going about my own business being attacked by the midges when my ma appeared with a bottle of Skin So Soft and a bottle of Smidge, professing how much the shopkeeper she procured it from raved about it. So I gave it a whirl. No Midges came near me for the rest of my time outside, this was a far better result than the Skin So Soft when you still get swarmed and they just end up rolling around in the stuff not getting very far. I then went for a walk around a bug infested Lochan the air was thick with midges, and again not an ounce of bother from either midges nor from the mossies. In conclusion then this Smidge formula in my eyes is the future. Awesome! Back o' the net! And whilst I'm sure Avon weren't shouting the fact that their Skin so Soft was the only solution to midges I think they will be a bit upset that a better alternative has been found....... Smidge all the way!


Maz said...

What exactly is it and how much would you use? I don't fancy slathering the stuff all over my body and (a) smelling like a chemical waste dump (as these things so often do) and (b) not breathing enough because of it. How much and where do you put it...?

The Weekend Dude said...

Hi Maz,

It's a lotion that comes in a pump action bottle and you apply it all over the exposed skin that could potentially be attacked. It actually smells quite fragrant too - nothing like tradtional deet that you normally get (and it doesn't burn either) so there is no issue with regards to how much you actually put on. Try it you might like it.

Duncan McP said...

I have used my bottle of smidge for the first time this weekend and was not bitten once. But my father-in-law was - he was using his trusted skin soft, well until he caved in on the way back down.

The Odyssee said...

Glad it worked for you.
I saw this in TGO mag the day after i had bought a new bottle of Incognito which i havn't tested on them yet.
But the midge is a canny devil and it will be making an antidote as we speak.

Louise said...

I read up on this recently and was very interested (living in Scotland!) but thought I'd wait for a few reviews first. Now, I think I'll be getting hold of some, it's looking good!
Thanks for the review.

Maz said...

Ah, Ben Lui here I come...

The Weekend Dude said...

Duncan - great to see that we're converting them.

Alan - would be interested to hear how you go with the incognito, if it's not perfect try Smidge, I'm convinced with this one - at least for the time being anyway.

Louise - I've not found any better yet. Hope it works for you like it did for us.

Maz - Enjoy!!

John Davis said...

With any repellent, I suspect that the key is spreadability. The only DEET repellent I used which did not work was 90% DEET in alcohol. The alcohol evaporated so quickly, the DEET went on in patches. Biting insects found the untreated bits. Tesco's foaming repellent works. but seems to leave strange, little granules on covered areas. The foam really spreads well. When I ran out, SPAR in Cannich sold me Pestshield in a spray bottle, which also works, but apparently not for the 10 hours claimed by Tesco for theirs. I used to like a Boots DEET gel which melted on my skin to a liquid which also spread well. DEET may be nasty but it gets the job done if you spread it on all vulnerable areas.

The only unsuccessful repellent I have tried was one based on bog myrtle. It kept ticks away but midges laughed at it, and that is unfortunate. I wear glasses. Midges get under and bite round my eyes. Also, on my last trip to the Highlands, they twice bit inside my nostrils. These are places I don't want to put anything as harsh as DEET.

Team Smidge said...

Pity I didnt see this till now, but thank you very much for the excellent review of our product! Smidge will be back again this year for our 2nd midge season, we cant wait!

The Weekend Dude said...

Pleasure Team Smidge and well deserved. What a delight to find a repellent that finally works on the little blighters!

Team Smidge said...

No, thank you for posting this blog!

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