Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Prevent chafing...

I think I've now nailed how to prevent blisters, or as much as I can anyway, now I'm looking to prevent chafing. I think over 100km it will be impossible to avoid blisters altogether but so long as I can minimise them to a large extent I'll be delighted. The next issue though, outside of fitness is looking to prevent chafing. This is exceptionally uncomfortable at the end of a long meander and any success in preventing it will make any long walk more pleasurable and towards the end bearable.

I remember when I did the Shira Route on Kilimanjaro which was pretty much 8 days constant trekking and that I suffered then and when I did I attempted to combat it with talcum powder. This seemed to be pretty effective at the time. I tried this here though and the difference was that when we climbed Kilimanjaro we were probably averaging a leisurely pace of less than 2mph, training for the Oxfam Trailtrekker though we're yomping on at around 4mph. Obviously this creates a huge amount more friction. Over 8 miles or so this probably wouldn't be an issue but over 20 miles never mind 62 this will be a serious problem. The talc sadly didn't cut the mustard and I still wound up with chafing, so whilst I think I've pretty much found how to prevent blisters I'm now on a quest to prevent chafing, so far unsuccessfully.


Alan R said...

I've tried Glide and that doesn't work. Talc seems to be ok with me.
Looking forward to reading what you suggest.

CF Rich said...

It's such an uncomfortable thing chafing but I've had suggestions I'm trying, I think (hope) I can get rid of it pretty much, from what I've heard. Got 10 days to sort it...

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