Monday, 20 May 2013

The secret weapon in how to prevent blisters

Always on the quest a chap I'm doing the Oxfam Trailtrekker was in Cotswold Outdoor the other day and they mentioned Stride Out. This is some formula of oils that you rub into your feet before you put your socks on and it is "supposed" to prevent blisters. Seemingly all it takes is to rub 5ml (a teaspoon) worth of Stride Out into each foot and hey presto.

They didn't have any in the shop so this same guy went into another outdoor shop and described this magic stuff without giving the name and straight off the bat they said it was Stride Out and the guy in the shop said that he'd gone to Scandinavia with a brand new pair of boots (something he'd recommend everyone against doing) and a bottle of Stride Out, he didn't get any blisters all the time he was out there. Not sure how much truth/exaggeration there is in that tail but it does sound like the business. The SAS use it and I reckon they trudge some miles. We'll see.

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Alan R said...

The SAS use skin so soft so we are led to believe and that doesn’t work. It makes them smell nice though.
Hope this works.

CF Rich said...

I bet they smell delightful... Skin so soft isn't the best really, it doesn't deter the midgdes, just covers you in a greasy film the midges can't get through and get caught in. Those SAS boys should be getting onto smidge the midge. Early tests with this Stride Out seem promising though.

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